contact us if you are selling german ww2 items- on piece or an entire collection

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paying cash for German WW2 items, actively seeking the following-

1. army M43 fieldcaps-top dollar paid!

2. army combat tunics- top dollar paid! combat pants-top dollar paid!

4.original waffen-ss uniforms, visor caps and fieldcaps

5.Allgemeine-SS black uniform items-visor caps, uniforms, etc

6.German army and luftwaffe tropical items- M41 visored fieldcaps, officer caps, uniforms, Luft tropical pants, equipment, etc

7.German footwear- tropical boots, jackboots, low ankle boots, etc.

8.camoflage items- Paratrooper smocks and jackets, unissued parks, SS camoflage, army smocks, etc

9.Paratrooper items-jump smocks, "Ramke" brigade tunic, jump boots, paratrooper pants, helmets, gloves, bandoliers, medic bags, grenade bags, knee pads, etc. officer crusher caps

11.Panzer and assaultgun items- wrappers, Panzer M43 caps, panzer pants, panzer beret, etc.

12.Hermann Goering division uniforms, all types

13.unissued enlisted army or luftwaffe uniforms.

14.German helmets- M35 army, DD police, etc

15.awards- Knight's Cross, German Cross in gold and silver, panzer assault badges, Iron Cross first class

16.German firearms- lugers, P-38s, Mauser HSC, Radom VIS, Walther PP, PPK, K98 rifles, G/K43 rifles, all German firearms, accessories, holsters, etc. Top dollar for mint condition weapons. We Will buy and entire collection.

Many other items- let us know what you want to sell.