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WORLD WAR 2 and earlier UNITED STATES & ALLIES Uniforms and Headgear


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  1. USMC WWII Female caps belonging to the same women, along with her hat matching original hat box!! First time I have ever seen the original box. The lady died this past year and was from here in the Lehigh Valley. She was a pilot and trained Marines at Allentown ABE airport during WW2. I met her sister, who called me because she had these to sell. Both the summer and winter cap are named to her and are untouched, as they were stored in her basement for all these years. Hat box actually matches the standard winter cap and is also named to her profusely! Great historic set to one WW2 female aviation US Marine! $250





2. USAAF WW2 Aircrew member's wings and D.I.s. All from one estate grouping. Includes Aircrew wings in 3" and 2", 3" Airgunner's wing, pair of Army Air Corps Technical Training command DIs (one damaged enamel) and 2 small pins. Also Radio Operator qualification badge in Sterling Silver. Couple of the wings are silver also. Great lot.SOLD






3. USAAF (US Army Air Forces) WW2 officer's "Flighter" by Bancroft, summer crusher cap. Outstanding example recently out of a veteran's footlocker. Has some light soiling and wear, but looks to have been barely used before it was stored away. Still has the top interior spring to keep it's shape (this was usually removed by the officer to give it the "crusher" appearance common to pilots and flight crews. The Flighter is a true "crusher" cap, as the brim is not hard but is soft and foldable. Outstanding US eagle national emblem on front. Buttons are also very nice and have the national emblem. Interior top oilcloth is a little aged. Looks to have the original paper still in the cap top, which is stuck to the oilcloth in spots. Paper size tag on the sweatband says it's a "7 3/8". Overall excellent condition. $260 HOLD





 4.US WWI summer uniform trousers. Nice, used condition, perfect match for any cotton summer uniform, enlisted or officer. Waist is about 32". These could be worn with riding boots or putees and low combat boots. Excellent Used condition, very clean. $75 SALE $59









 5.US WW2 Army Aircorps officer's "Ike" jacket. Made popular by General Eisenhower and modeled after the British battle dress tunic, this jacket is custom tailored from a standard officer's dress jacket. A common practice was for the officer to take his standard dress uniform jacket and have it tailored into the popular style, which was allowed. This example is really well done and has side waist adjustments for a better fit. Left arm has a felt USAAF patch. Shoulders have 1st Lt. bars, marked "Rolled Gold", with a snowflake pattern on the back. The "US" emblems are mismatched, but they are easy to find. Jacket is in great condition. The snaps that secure the waist are working, but the hook needs to be replaced. Size is approx. a 38" chest. Great original WWII example. $95








6. US Army Airborne M43 rigger modified jump trousers. These came out of an estate in Berks county, Pa, along with other US WW2 uniform pieces, about a year ago. The original owner was reported to be in the 11th Airborne. They are a standard M43 type trouser with the modification of the added pockets in a heavy canvas material and also added leg tie down straps. I have found out these are extremely rare and are highly sought after by WW2 Airborne collectors. The trousers appear to be the WW2 type, without the pocket flaps and buttons. The waist adjustment straps face forward, which I think, is also a WW2 trait. The trousers have the information stamped on them in the rear pocket, on the hbt weave lining. It reads "Trousers, Field, Cotton, O.D.". The size is approx. 32" waist and a 31" inseam. Condition is lightly worn, but overall exellent. Once in a lifetime chance to own an original pair, I've never seen another. $2500







7.WW2 US Marines enlisted overseas cap. Really nice cap in Marines forest green wool with plastic screw back EGA device. Interior has a size tab 6 5/8. Condition is excellent to near mint. Great example, perfect to compliment a WW2 uniform or collection. $79 sale $60









8.USAAF (US Army Airforce) B-9 flight helmet. Really nice WWII US flight helmet with just a touch or wear from use. Size is medium. Perfect to complete a flight or Army Air Forces display or uniform. Great example of a US wartime flight helmet in nearly unissued condition. $69 SALE $50



9.US Army air forces A-11 flight pants with tag "trousers, intermediate, flying", waist size 30. They are property "US Army air forces" on the bottom of the tag, manufactured by Fitzwell Sportswear, Inc. Talon zippers on the pockets. Army Air Forces logo stencil still present. Great pair in excellent condition. $90 SALE $75