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 1. NEW




2.German Army tropical officers belt. Nice example you don't see too often. Officer's buckle has most of it's olive paint and is really a nice example. Be;t has both loops. Something was sewn on the end of the leather tab at one time and is now gone. Leather tab is solid, but has some wear. Belt length is about 37", but it's a comfortable 32-34" for wearing, so a decent size. Nice example. $799 NEW









3. German army soldier's watch fob in the from of the Wehrmacht Heer shield. It's about the same size and dimensions as the Heer pith helmet shield. May be brass? Just light use, but overall very nice example. $120




German army 1940 enlisted belt buckles by Richard Sieper & Söhne.

A.Very nice example with tab. Has some light surface rust to backside, but it would probably mostly clean off. Very nice example. Paint on the front is near mint! $250

B. Superb example with just some paint nicks and blemishes, but overall excellent to near mint.SOLD






German army enlisted buckles- 1943-1945 models. NEW

a) feldgrau, maker marked "R.S.S." for Sieper and nicely used, combat worn condition. $165

b)late war blue/gray ordnance color, maker marked "RODO" for Robert Dold. Uncommon maker. Excellent condition, barely used. $275


6.German wehrmacht combat belt, by Franz Brehme, Walsrode. Not dated, by looks 1940-42 period. Measures approx. 88cm or 35" in total length, but it appears to be period cut down and made smaller. Clasp end has lots of the feldgrau paint. Really a nice quality belt. $125









7. Hitler Youth belt with buckle. Nice example with a great nickle plate buckle, maker marked RZM M4/24 on reverse. Some brass showing through having green vertigris. Leather belt is fairly generic and is about 33" long. Great example if you want to put together an HJ member uniform. $125





German army tropical (DAK) type enlisted buckle, used condition. Looks like a really nice combat used piece that has lost almost all of the paint from the front from use. Superb age patina. It's marked "GB" for Gustav Brehmer. It's also "41" (for 1941" dated) on the back edge, but I couldn't photograph it. Web tab is in great condition, showing honest wear. Superb piece that "was there". $375





9.German WW11 SA (Sturmabteilung der NSDAP) brownshirts belt & buckle. Very nice, early unmarked brass eagle disc with canted swastica on brass buckle. Leather belt has an RZM ink stamp on the reverse of the leather. Belt is missing the tongue for the prongs, but has a set at the end. Belt is approx. 32"-33" in total length. Very decent example. $275 SALE $199 SOLD




10.German Wehrmacht combat belt, later style, RB numbered 1944 dated. Measures about 98cm or 39 1/2". Clasp end appears to have a phosphate type finish, which is similar to a late war buckle I have. Really nice example. Few sets of extra holes in the end to make it fit the soldier. This is the later style belt with no tongue. Choice! $175



 11.German army enlisted buckles. Top 2 are late war dark blue/gray, marked "JFS". Left buckle SOLD, right buckle $125. Bottom is a 1940 dated Sieper & Sohn (R.S.S.) buckle in nice combat worn condition, with tab. Tab has loss to some of the stitches. $95





 12.Luftwaffe scarce early droop tail tabbed aluminum belt buckles with unit marking, LBA stamp or both. (clockwise from top left)

a) "A.D. Baumeister 1937" LBA marked on reverse, along with unreadable unit. SOLD

b)"E.Schneider 1937" LBA marked and unit marked on back of tab $350

c)"Dransfeld 1936" 3 different unit markings on reverse of tab! SOLD

d)"crankcase" buckle with unit marked tab and airman's name inside tab! $350 SALE $299 SOLD







13.Luftwaffe mint condition buckles, made without tabs- top row is the 2nd model, bottom row, first model droop tail.

row 1 (l to r)

a)steel buckle, 2 pc, mint- $160 SALE $125 sold

b)maker marked gray steel, 2 pc- $225 SOLD

c)aluminum, 2 pc, mint- $160 SALE $130 sold

row 2-

d) "olc" maker marked aluminum, molded $250 SOLD

e)unmarked aluminum, molded $250 SOLD

f)unmarked aluminum $250 SOLD





14.Luftwaffe blue/gray original glass buttons (5) for fliegerblouses, jump smocks and camouflage field jackets. Unissued, these are the larger 23mm type usually used on the front closure of uniforms.Never use, perfect. $75









15.German police officers brocade bandolier for the cartouche box. This was worn with the dress and parade uniform. This example has a police green/blue wool backing. Tabs are black leather. Bullion brocade is nice, wool backing has some moth nips and light soiling, but nothing bad. You would not see it when on a uniform/mannequin. Brocade has some light areas where there is white powdering, but it's hard to see. Overall very nice, used example. $499 * SALE $350*


16. German WWII pair of shoelaces. I think these were commercially available, but would be great for your soldier or officer's accessories. Perfect condition, brown and 90cm long (about 35"). If you have a pair of low lace-up boots missing laces, these would be great. $20






17.Army combat used tropical belt and buckle. Really nice example showing field wear and grime (possibley grease). Buckle is an early apple green unmarked example, probably an unmarked "G.B", and the catch on the web belt matches the color. Belt is maker marked and looks to be dated 1941, though it's hard to read. Belt is a light olive tan color. Overall length is 38 1/2" approx or 100cm. Really nice, used example in a very good size. $499 SALE $399 !





18.Wehrmacht tropical web belts. NEW

A)tan belt with green painted buckle clasp. Typical Luftwaffe or Kriegsmarine color. Maker marked and dated 1940, so it's an early belt. Size marked "90" (cm). Measures 34 1/2" approx. Excellent to near mint.SOLD

B)olive green web belt with olive buckle clasp. Standard army example. No maker mark I can find, but size marked "105" (cm). Measures over 41" long in total length. Very hard to find in this large size. Mint condition. SOLD

C)gray/olive rayon type web belt with green buckle clasp. Scarce mid to late war style web belt in a material not often seen. I am selling this out of my collection, as it's a duplicate. This one is superb and a very large size "120" (cm). Measures almost 45" long! Has some light, normal wear. Tongue has been lightly oiled. Overall excellent+ SOLD





Wehrmacht M43 type belts. These are the late war style without the tongue for the buckle prongs.

a)(top) RB numbered example, ink stamped "110" on the other end. Has one set of extra holes added, otherwise excellent to near mint, about 43" long total $150 SALE $125 SOLD

b)maker marked and 1943 dated, other end stamped "120" for size. Large belt with 2 extra sets of holes, otherwise barely used. About 46 1/2" long total. $150 SALE $125



20. German Wehrmacht 1938 issue belt. Looks to be Army because of the early feldgrau color hook. Nicely maker marked to a maker in Hannover, dated 1938. Size marked 105, which is about 41 1/2". Excellent+ overall, scarce to find earlier years like this. $200






German early 3rd Reich Deutsche Turnerbund belt buckle by Berg & Nolte. High quality early example made from nickel. Near mint condition. $100 SOLD







22. Really nice early wehrmacht belt, probably unissued. 1939 dated and Bekleidung-amt (depot) marked, it is still in the natural leather and has an aluminum catch. The depot marking may be for the RAD, as they used many of the same items as the wehrmacht, but property stamped them themselves. (belts, jackboots, etc) Belt is also maker marked and manufacture dated 1939 also. Stamped size "90" for 90cm, belt measures 35"-36" overall. Superb early belt in outstanding condition! $220 hold








23.NSDAP (Nazi Party) Political Leader Standard/Flag Bearer's bandolier. Gorgeous piece in near mint condition. Bandolier is RZM maker marked and is manufactured mostly of high quality leather. There is a thing leather trim in light blue around the outside of the bandolier denoting "Ortsgruppen" or local level officials. The outward bandolier is covered in brown political leader velvet and golden brocade tresse material. This bandolier shows very little wear, other than storage wear and was probably a GI bringback from an RZM accoutrement store. Very hard accessory to find and perfect for the flag collector or to outfit a political mannequin. Choice! $2000



24. Luftwaffe tropical belt buckles.

a)green buckle with web tab, "H.A. 42 "marked for . Near mint, unisued condition. SOLD

b)(left) tan buckle, used, leather tab marked "N&H 42" Great combat used example. SOLD

c) (right) tan N&H 42 marked buckle in very nice condition, looks barely used. Tough to find in this condition. SOLD




25. Heer issue wool knit gloves. I think these were the type issued earlier (early to mid war, before the mittens were issued, but possibly these were always issued. Gray heavy knit wool with nice wrist cuff. Inside is marked with 3 white rings woven into the cuff to denote the size. Only minor wear from normal use, overall excellent condition. These are fairly tought to find. Great pair for a winter display. $199




26.Army officer brocade dress belt. Outstanding example with an incredible buckle. Belt is a large size, felt wool backing has some mothing, but nothing bad. Buckle is in perfect condition, is unmarked and is a really great example of this design. Belt size overall is approx. 40", but is adjustable to smaller sizes. Very nice example. $350
























































































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