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1. Waffen-SS infantry enlisted ranks shoulder strap pairs. First I have had in forever. NEW

a) (left) NCO pair (SS-Unterscharführer) Superb set, beautiful condition. Original soldier slipped bakelite into them to make them stiff, neat. Can be removed and doesn't hurt the boards. $699

b) (right) SS-Mann, with 2 hand sewn-on tresse straps, probably an NCO candidate. Near mint, great set! $899



2. SS metal eagle for visor caps by Assmann, marked "155/36". GORGEOUS example in cupal with silver finish. These are usually found on Allgemeine-SS visor caps of both officers and enlisted men, but an example this nice could also be for a Waffen-SS officer or general's visor cap. Just light wear to finish from being on a cap. Has both original prongs. A superior, high quality example! $800 HOLD





3. German army major rank officer sew-in board pairs. Both are the subdued type for the field service uniform. NEW!

Medical branch, look unissued $80

pioneer branch, off a tunic, but near mint $120


4. German army silk screened foreign volunteer sleeve shields for Cossack units! All are cut from a roll. Top one is Terek Cossacks, lower left is Kuban cossacks and lower right is Don cossacks. All are scarce. $129 each.







5. Luftschutz bevo uniform patch, as worn on the uniform tunic. Near mint condition. $60




6.German army specialty patches for NCOs and privates. $20 each!

1)Brieftaubenmeister (Pigeoneer) for trained carrier pigeons

2)Funkmeister (signals Sgt)











7. German Army tropical pioneer EM overcoat single board. Made of heavy tropical brown wool, it is piped in black basketweave rayon piping. Has minor damage to button hole thread, but otherwise condition is near mint. Very rare. $320



8. Waffen-SS panzer NCO single shoulder board for the black panzer uniform. A very rare sinlge board to find. This is the wartime period type with the narrow tongue. Black wool, piped in pink rayon (looks more orange in photos, but pink in person). Subdued gray tresse for the rank of SS-Unterscharführer. Near mint, rare. $375




9.German army POA (Russian volunteer units or Russian Liberation Army) enlisted pair of shoulder straps. Dark green badge cloth piped in red rayon. Has some wear, looks mostly due to storage. Scarce set. $175





German army enlisted and nco rank shoulder board pairs-

a)M45 enlisted infantry pair- mint condition, $325

b)M44 enlisted artillery pair- mint, slight mismatch wool color, always been together $225

c)M40/M43 enlisted transportation/supply pair, excellent, minor piping wear- $150

d)M40/43 feldwebel (nco) rank transportation/supply, with 68th regiment unit numbers (was attached to a mountain unit) slight mismatch, always been together $200








Wehrmacht tropical eagles. NEW

a) Luftwaffe tropical eagle for late war tunic. This was was used and is off of a tunic. It's on the heavier material, but is sewn in a more simplified fashion as is done on the tropical shirts, in a triangular form. Overall excellent condition, I think a scarce eagle, as I have not seen one like this before, apart from being on a tunic. Choice! $299 SALE $225


b)Army (Heer) tropical cap eagle, removed from cap, overseas type or M41 billed cap. $265

c)Army (Heer) tropical cap eagle, removed from cap, overseas type or M41 billed cap. Some wear to edges. $225






12.Kriegsmarine officer "T" boards for open shoulder work jackets, white summer tunics and frock coats.

A)fahnrich (no base, was not made with one) $75

B)oberfahrich, near mint $100

C)oberfahrich, near mint $100

D)leutnant zur See, mint, unissued, bright bullion SOLD

E)leutnant zur See (missing pips), excell. $125

F)leutnant of engineering (fieldgray backing), excellent, scarce $225

G)leutnant of engineering (white backing), some mothing, $85

H)oberleutnant (white backing), unissued, excell/near mint SOLD

I)oberleutnant (celleon braid) with buttons, mint SOLD

J)oberleutnant (aged patina silver braid), near mint $150

K)kapitänleutnant, near mint SOLD

L)kapitänleutnant (administrative/truppensonderdienst) dark green underlay $125

M)korvettenkapitän, near mint $199

N)korvettenkapitän (medical), near mint $175



 13.German amry infantry enlisted and NCO shoulder boards

a)enlisted, M45 type with tape tongues, unissued $350

b)unterfeldwebel NCO, M44 type, light field wear, excellent SOLD

c)feldwebel M40/M43 type, mint condition $250 SOLD




14.SS visor cap eagle in perfect condition. Really gorgeous piece with the prongs intact. Marked "475/39" on reverse and also has the "RZM" logo. Very minor finish wear to the high edges, otherwise looks perfect, barely used. Maker is Ferdinand Wagner, whoes SS manufacture number was "475" and the year this was made is 1939. Outstanding! $800 HOLD






15. German army Gebirgsjäger (mountain troops) or Jäger slip-on shoulder boards for a leutnant (leutenant). Other than a a green strain or melt mark on one board, they are perfect and unissued. VERY tough to find original pair of shoulder boards. SOLD



16.Luftwaffe Foreign volunteer boards. Extremely rare and some of the only ones I have ever seen. These are factory made with the tresse built in. These are in unissued condition, as found in a factory or depot at the end of the war. These are piped in rayon and are the slip-on type. NEW

A)single flight board, 2 tresse stripes $150 SALE $100

B) Pair, flight, 2 stripes, very slight size diff. SOLD

C)Pair, flight, 2 stripes SOLD

D)Pair, combat engineer, single stripe SOLD

E)Pair, combat engineer, 2 stripes, slight size diff. SOLD

F)Pair, flight -factory made nco candidate, M44 style, single short stripe, scarce$199 SALE $150






17.German WWII Luftwaffe tropical shoulder boards in thin shirt type material.

a)flight/partroops, EM, shirt material, pair, used, piping has some pin marks from veteran display, very light soiling SOLD

b)Flight/Paratroops, EM, shirt material, pair, mint/unissued $299 SALE $200

c)Flight/Paratroops, Unteroffizier, shirt material, pair, factory tresse, mint/unissued $325 SALE $250

d)Signals, Em, shirt material, pair, mint/unissued $299 SALE $200

e)Signals, EM, shirt material, single, VG, used, light soiling, some soiling and possibley removed tresse $99 SALE $50

f)Flak Artillery, EM, shirt material, single, mint, unissued $120 SALE $80 or 2 mismatched singles for $150





18.German army Panzer insignia.

A)(top) gray breast eagle for panzer wrap, mint $150 sale $125

B)gray breast eagle for panzer wrap, late triangular style SOLD

C)wreath for panzer crash helmet beret $199 SALE $145 SOLD

D)early model white breast eagle for panzer wrap, used, off of uniform $250 SALE $180









German army enlisted/ nco shoulder board sets.

a)signals (communications), enlisted man, M44 style in Italian wool. Mint/unissued. $175 -sale $125

b)signals, enlisted man, M44 style, Italian wool. With "A" for Aufklarungs unit- recon/intelligence. Mint/unissued. $225 -sale $175

c)signals, M40/M43 style, unterfeldwebel rank, mint/unissued. $250- sale $175 SOLD

d)signals, M40/M43 style, unterfeldwebel rank, slight fading to piping and some minor glue residue on back from vet's album. $199 SALE $150 SOLD

e)medical branch, unteroffizier rank, private purchase M36 type, excellent, used condition. $120

f)medical branch, feldwebel rank, private purchase M36 type. Devices for 10th regiment. near excellent, used condition. $130

g)transportation/supply branch, feldwebel rank, M36 style. Some wear/soiling form use, excellent condition. Devices for 9th regiment. SOLD




20.German WWII Army infantry shoulder board singles (clockwise from upper left)

a)M43 enlisted board, exc/near mint, $85 SOLD

b)M40 Unteroffizier, VG+ $55

c)M43, italian wool, unteroffizier, worn piping, $42 SOLD

d)M44 unteroffizier, near mint, $85 SOLD

e)M40/43 Unteroffizier, exc, slight soiling to piping, $59 SOLD

f)M40 unterfeldwebel, exc, pip missing, slight soiling to piping, $75 SOLD

g)M40/43 unterfeldwebel, near mint/unissued, $79 SOLD

h)M40 Unterfeldwebel, Exc slight soiling to piping,$75

i)M40 unterfeldwebel, near mint/unissued, $79

j)M36 Oberfeldwebel, exc, $75

k)M44 feldwebel, reg "3", exc+, slight soiling to piping, $75 SOLD




21.Luftwaffe cut fliegerbluse collars.

a)ground division pioneer (combat engineer) or Reichsluftministrie, NCO rank. $375 SALE $275

b)signals NCO, single $125 SALE $80 HOLD

c)field division tank destroyer, flak or artillery, extremely rare. Residue of glue on reverse from GI's souvenir album SOLD





Luftwaffe Ground division enlisted collar tabs and shoulder boards. These are unissued from a factory of depot and came with the foreign volunteer boards. They are wool piped and are the sew-in variety. NEW

A)factory made NCO with tresse $150 (or w/ a pair of tabs $275) SALE $125 or $225 with a set of matching tabs

B)Enlisted pair SOLD

C)pair of green ground division tabs $175 SALE $125






23.Luftwaffe tropical enlisted board, singles, in heavier "tunic" type material. 2 signals/communications and one flak. Each is $150







24. German army WW2 late Oberleutnant sew-in shoulder boards for a Truppensonderdienst officer. Late in 1944, army administrative officials were given full officer status and this was the new piping color and shoulder board device to designate this. These boards do not look issued. Nice pair. $49


25.German WW2 rare Kriegsmarine officer slip-on shoulder boards. I have decided to sell these and the officer "T"boards from my collection. The slip-on boards are extremely difficult to find and are used on work jackets, fieldgray tunics and tropical tunics.

A)fahnrich of artillery, mint, SOLD

B)oberleutnant of engineering, one bottom strap missing, minor mothing to underside, $170

C)korvettenkapitan (line officer), mint w/original sales tag, braids are both same side, but were sold that way -SOLD

D)korvettenkapitan (medical), near mint SOLD

E)korvettenkapitan (medical) white bottom, w/buttons, near mint SOLD

F)fregattenkepitan (engineering), minor mothing to underside, SOLD

G)fregattenkapitan (engineering), w/buttons, fieldgray bottom, minor mothing to underside $275



26.German WWII Waffen-SS EM/NCO shoulder board sets, unissued

A) SS Mann (EM) of cavalry, mint. SOLD

B) SS (EM) Mann with light blue piping. Transport/supply? $499 SOLD

C) SS EM, bright blue piping. Either a variation of medical or these are Administration (Lichtblau) SOLD

D) SS Unterscharführer set, medical blue piping. One has slight mothing to the edge where the board folds, near mint. $499 SOLD

E) SS Unterscharführer Pioneer, mint SOLD

F) SS Unterscharführer Transportation/Supply, mint $499 SALE $400 SALE $300*

G)German WWII waffen-SS gebirgsjäger (mountain troops) nco shoulder board set for an ss-scharführer. Very scarce set of used, but excellent condition slip-on boards. The big detraction is that one has had the tongue cut off. Still, a very rare set to come across. Black wool tops, silver tresse and rayon piping. SOLD

H)waffen-SS sturmbannführer of signals. Really nice set with textbook rayon branch piping over the wool bottom. Tough to find officer boards. SOLD




27.German pre WW2 Police armband for a translator of English. These were used for tourists so that English speaking tourists could go up to a Policeman to ask directions, etc. I beleive these were worn by the Landespolizei and later the early Schutzpolizei. It is machine embroidered in yellow on dark green wool. Reverse has 3 sets of snaps for securing it to the arm of the uniform. Measures 17 1/2" or 44 1/2cm in total length. Excellent condition, rare. $265 FINAL SALE $150





Luftwaffe enlisted single shoulder boards

a)Flak Enlisted shirt board, mint SOLD

b)Officer candidate flight branch M44 style board, mint $65



29.Kriegsmarine German Navy insignia, eagles and a cockade. (clockwise from top right)

A)officer visor cap celleon hand embroidered eagle, used, excellent, $150 SALE $120

B)officer tunic hand embroidered celleon eagle, excellent, some minor mothing, $65

C)officer tunic hand embroidered bullion eagle SOLD

D)enlisted machine embroidered eagle for coastal artillery field gray tunic, unissued $65 * SALE $50*

E)enlisted machine embroidered eagle for tropical cap, unissued $75

F)administrative official/officer hand embroidered wreath for visor cap, some mothing, wear, scarce $100

G)enlisted machine embroidered eagle for coastal artillery field gray tunic, unissued $65 * SALE $50*

H)officer hand embroidered bullion eagle for tunic, unissued $250 SALE $175

I)enlisted bevo eagle for coastal artillery field gray tunic, unissued $65 * SALE $50*

J)(MIDDLE TOP )officer hand embroidered bullion eagle for tunic, used, nip to bottom edge, excellent $125

K)(MIDDLE, BOTTOM) enlisted machine embroidered eagle, navy blue background, for pea coat, etc near mint $49








30.German WWII Kriegsmarine enlisted/nco coastal artillery shoulder boards (clockwise from upper left)


a)KM EM coastal artillery enlisted board, enbroidered device, near mint, $75

b)KM EM coastal artillery enlisted board, enbroidered device, near mint, $75

c)KM enlisted, early style board, embroidered, near mint/unissued, glue residue from vet's album,$75

d)KM NCO maat rank board, early style, mint/unissued with glue residue on back from vet's album $75

e)KM Maat Coastal artillery early single board w/metal device Exc, $45

f)KM Maat rank coastal artillery early single board (missing device) Exc,$45

Row 2

g)KM Obermaat board, M44 style, mint/unisued, $75

h)KM Obermaat board, nice embroidery, lightly worn/used, $SOLD

i)KM Obermaat Coastal artillery embroidered board VG/Exc $52

j)KM feldwebel Coastal artillery board, rare variant tresse, exc, SOLD

k)KM oberfeldwebel with machinist device in metal, tongue torn off, exc, SOLD







Deutches Reichbahn (German Railway) collar tabs. NEW

A)(top) one side collar tab for closed collar tunics, officials rank 11- 8/7a, slight wrinkling, bevo (2 available) $35 each SALE $25 each

B)(bottom) Pair of tabs for the open collar tunic, officials rank 7 to 6. (scarce) SOLD






32. Luftwaffe Hermann Goering filed division collar tabs for field gray assault-gun wrapper, mint condition. Beautiful set, never sewn to a tunic, unissued. Field gray with pink piping for panzer. Very scarce. I have a couple sets. $250


33.German WW2 BLACK shoulder straps with copper brown piping. A VERY rare board. Either Panzer Recon or Waffen-SS KZ lager. Personally, for me, having handled tons of straps, this is a panzer shoulder board for the black wrapper uniform for Kradschutzen in the pre-1940 rcon color. NCO rank is unterfeldwebel. Strap has very light wear, but excellent to near mint overall with just very light soiling to the tresse and piping from being worn. Absolutely rare shoulder strap.EXTREMELY RARE $600 FINAL SALE $400 SOLD







34.German WWII army officer shoulder board sets. * SALE 30% off*

a)Panzergrenadier-Stabsmusikmeister rare set, used, sew-in type, very fine-Exc. SOLD

b)Panzergrenadier-Leutnant, sew-in, unissued, mothing to underside $79

c)Infantry-Hauptmann, sew-in SOLD

d)panzer-Leutnant, sewn-in, unissued, exc+/near mint $175

e)veterinarian-Oberveterinär, sew-in, used, exc $85 SOLD

f)Infantry-Oberleutnant for white tunic SOLD

g)Army forestry official-at least that is what I think these are, because I got them with 2 army forestry officials' hats. Dark green with white upper piping. Missing a pip. Sew-in, very good, mothed. $75

h)cavalry-oberleutnant, sew-in, used, exc $124 SOLD

I)Pioneer-leutnant, sew-in, used, very good $75 SOLD

j)artillery, leutnant, sew-in, unissued, mint, late-war celleon $75









35.German WWII Police shoulder boards. * SALE 25% off*

a)Schutzpolizei Wachmeister w/4 yrs. service, mint unissued slip-on set. SOLD

b)Gendarmerie (Rural police) Wachmeister w/4 yrs. service, sew-in set. Slight wear storage wear, unissued $60 HOLD

c)as above but slip-on, used,exc $25 HOLD

d)as above, light soiling, VG, $22

e)single slip-on shoulder board for Prison/Justice service, missing bottom strap, exc SOLD





36.German army pioneer (combat engineer) branch unteroffizier (nco rank) set of shoulder boards. Nice set made from German recycled wool. Black rayon piping. Subdued gray tresse. Exc+ SOLD




37. German WWII army artillery shoulder board singles.

a)M40/43 enlisted board, near mint, $55

b)M40/43 enlisted board, near mint, $55

c)M44 enlisted board, mint, $55 SOLD

d)M44 enlisted board, mint, wrinkled, $45 SOLD

e)M36 unteroffizier, reg "7", exc, $49 hold

f)M40 unteroffizier, some mothing to tongue, exc, $55

g)M36 feldwebel, exc, $55

h)M40 feldwebel, reg "3", exc, glue/paper residue from vet's scrapbook on tongue, SOLD


38.Waffen-SS enlisted shoulder boards in unissued condtion. Incredible lot that was all tied up in the original corded bundle. Once in a lifetime for some of the rarer pipings.

A)light blue (Transport/supply)-$499

B)dark blue (Medical)- $499 SOLD

C)lemon yellow-(Signals)-$499

D)white-(Infantry)- $1100 SOLD

E)red-(artillery)- $599

F)wine red-(legal service or nebeltruppen)- SOLD






39.German WWII armbands. Most are veteran aquired.

a)"Im Dienst der Deutschen Wehrmacht" Exc $75 SALE $59

* SALE $45*

b)"Deutsche Wehrmacht" embroidered, unissued $99 SALE $70 *FINAL SALE $50*

c)German Army recruiting armband for a civilian employee, embroidered, light soiling to reverse SOLD

d)"Deutsche Volksturm Wehrmacht" printed armband, near mint $55 SOLD

e)A.D.A.C. German Automobile Club referee for a motor rally event (Rare) Exc. SOLD




40.German WWII Luftwaffe Officer shoulder boards. REDUCED! 20% OFF FROM LEFT 1)Official of Photo, Motor,Kartogr., weapons, etc in Leutnant Rank, slip-on set, unissued $125; Artillery (Flak) reserve Leutnant slip-on set, unissued $99; Artillery (Flak) leutnant slip-on set, unissed $120 HOLD; Flight Leutnant single (missing strap), has some mothing, pen marks on bottom $15; Truppensonderdienst Hauptmann (Captain) slip-on set, near mint (scarce) $99






 41.Very rare- RMBO (Eastern Territories Official) gold metal wreath by Assmann. Veteran purchased along with a large grouping of RZM items a few years ago. Perfect example in a golden finish, all prongs present. Reverse is "A" marked for Assmann & Son. Scarce. SOLD


42. REDUCED 20% OFF German WWII Army officer shoulder board sets. a)Army Leutnant of Motorcycle or Recon, unissued slip-on set (very rare) $225 SOLD b) Mountain Troops major (sold) c)Artillery Leutnant sew-in set, unissued with paper wrapper and price tag $95 (SOLD) d)Cavalry officer slip-on set, unissed (slight oxidation) SOLD e)Transportation Leutnant, sew-in unissed set w/price tag $95


43.German army enlisted/ nco shoulder board sets.

a)panzergrenadier, enlisted man, M44 style boards, feldgrau 44 wool, unissued, mint condition. SOLD

b)recon or bau (construction) brown piping, unteroffizier rank, M40/M43 style, mint/unissued, beautiful pair. $350 SALE $250 !!SOLD

c)pioneer (combat engineer) officer candidate, unteroffizier rank, M44 style, Feldgrau 44 wool. Used and and show light wear, but excellent conditon. $290 SOLD

d)panzer, unteroffizier rank, M40/M43 style boards. Light wear, excellent to near mint. $375 SALE $250 !! SOLD

e)cavalry, enlisted rank, M40/M43 style boards, mint/unissued condition. SOLD

f)cavalry, oberfeldwebel, M36 style private purchase boards. Tongues have been cut off, but excellent to near mint otherwise. $90 SALE $50




44.German WWII army tropical insignia. All unused.

A)Recon signal blitz on light olive cotton (mint) SOLD

B)Infantry signal blitz on tropical brown wool, possibley for the tropical greatcoat, (exc) $29 (5 AVAILABLE)

C)Gebirgsjäger/jäger signal blitz on tan cotton (mint) SOLD

D)Panzergrenadier signal blitz or poss. just a gebirgsjäger variant, on tan cotton. $29 SOLD





45.German WWII Luftwaffe officer shoulder board pairs.

A)Engineering Oberleutnant, slip-on, near mint, missing one pip each $145 SOLD

B)medical leutnant, sew-in, unisssued, near mint $75

C)Flak oberleutnant, sew-in, used, very good, $60 SOLD

D)Flak leutnant, slip-on, unissued, exc/near mint SOLD

E)signals oberlautnant, slip-on, used, , very good/Exc $69 SOLD



46.German army artillery enlisted/ nco shoulder board sets. NEW

a)enlisted man rank, M40/M43 style. Slightly mismatched in wool color, near mint $165 SALE $130

b)unteroffizier rank, M36 style. excellent to near mint. $185 SOLD

c)unteroffizier rank, M40/M43 style. Near mint condition. Each appears to be missing a device. $195 SOLD

d)feldwebel rank, M40/M43 style. One small moth track on one, otherwise unissued. $250 SALE $200 SOLD

e)oberfeldwebel rank, M36 style with ordnance device. excellent, used condition. SOLD

f)enlisted rank, hbt material for protective uniforms, summer uniforms, etc. Slight mismatch, but not easy to notice. SOLD



 47.German WW2 armbands- NEW

a)(top) Government service armband for civilian persons working for the state, could also be foreigners. Embroidered type, also has a very light stamp. Exc. $125

b)(bottom) Medic/Red Cross armband. Embroidered cross, DRK stamp, Excellent. $125






48.German WWII medical armbands, veteran aquired.

a)Stretcher bearer, unissued, minor soiling spots to back from storage, embroidered $99 SALE $65 *FINAL SALE $49*SOLD

b)stretcher bearer-embroidered, minor soiling, used $110 SALE $75 * FINAL SALE $49* SOLD

c)"Deutsche Rotes Kreuz" German Red Cross, embroidered, very minor soiling from storage SOLD





 49.German WWII NSDAP political leader's unissued collar tabs. These have never been on a uniform and are in perfect condition. Each set has it's RZM tag.

A)3rd pattern (1936-1939) Ortgruppe Zellenleiter (mint in cellophane wrapper) Wrapper is open on one side $299 SALE $199 *FINAL SALE $150*

B)3rd pattern (1936-1939) Ortgruppe Zellenleiter (mint in cellophane wrapper) Wrapper has a small tear $325 SALE $225 *FINAL SALE $150*

C)3rd pattern (1936-1939) Ortgruppe Hauptstellenleiter $250 SALE $150 *FINAL SALE $100*

D)4th pattern (1939-1945) Gau level political leader anwärter (candidate) SOLD



 50.German Army red piped anti-tank artillery self propelled cannon panzer wrapper collar tab, cut from mint wrapper! Rare piece (the wrapper itself, in black with red piping, is very rare) that is machine factory sewn to a portion of the collar and cut off the wrapper by the veteran to bring it home. Out standing piece and the center piece of any cut insignia collection, 1000 times rarer than a cut pink piped panzer tab. This variation has the skull, which is even scarcer, as most would have had nothing there (or maybe litzen). Once in a lifetime chance. $1800 FINAL SALE $1299 SOLD




 51.Kriegsmarine German navy insignia.

A)coastal artillery officer collar tabs, unissued set on field gray, scarce $225 SOLD

B)line officer cuff devices, removed from tunic! one still has aportion of the tunic it was sewn to. $100 SOLD

C)coastal artillery hauptgefreiter chevron $45 SOLD

D)motortransport cuff patch, from tunic $25

E)unissued Kriegsmarine officer career cuff patches- line officer set SOLD

engineering officer set (3 available) $65 sold

singles- communications engineer in celleon, rare $40 sold

Reichsmarine cuff patch SOLD






52.German WW2 army pioneer slip-on tabs for shoulder boards. Mint/unissued.

a)"F82" Fortress Construction batallion 82. $125

b)pioneer technical service, very rare. SOLD





53.German WW2 NSDAP (Nazi Party) Orts level political leader's armband for the rank of "Leiter Eines Amtes" or leader of a dapartment. Highest level rank at orts level. Has a few scattered moth nips, nothing real serious, but is otherwise unissued. Beautiful 16mm gold bullion woven oakleaf borders. Not easy to find. SOLD





54.German WWII Transportflotte Speer (Transport Fleet Speer) rank chevron for matrose. I have a bundle of 10. Red tresse with a black border in a chevron shape. (see "Die Kriegsmarine,Uniforms and Traditions" vol. 3, pgs 109-111.) Near mint condition. Each is $25. SALE $15 EACH!! SOLD






55.German WWII Kriegsmarine enlisted rank/ career patches. (from bottom left) Unissued condition, unless noted.

A)Navigating Helmsman $30

B)Bootsmann (for summer whites) $30

C)Gefreiter chevron for white uniform, marked & dated $35

D)Navigating Helmsman (for summer whites) $30

E)Bootsmann $25

F)(in the center) Teletypist, for summer uniform $30




 56.German WWII NSKK driver badges. These were worn on the lower left arm by all qualified driver members in the organization. They are silver wire bevo on a black rayon material. Both are nicely padded. Both were removed from uniforms, but are Exc+ to near mint condition.

A)with most of RZM tag still on back $90 SALE $75 *FINAL SALE $50*

B)without tag $80 SALE $60 *FINAL SALE $40*



57.German WWII collection of Waffen-SS insignia from Dachau. These were the type typically found in warehouses at Dachau and brought home by the US GIs. All are mint/unissued.

A)Albanian volunteer sleeve shield $75 *FINAL SALE $45* SOLD

B)Latvian volunteer sleeve shield SOLD

C)Danish volunteer sleeve shield SOLD

D)Estonian volunteer sleeve shield $130 SOLD

E)Dutch volunteer sleeve shield $140 SOLD

F)Italian volunteer sleeve shield $75 *FINAL SALE $40*

G)Croatian Muslim "Handschar" Division volunteer collar tab SOLD

H)Same as G, but slightly better condition $175 SOLD

I)Croatian volunteer sleeve shield $99 SOLD

J)Hungarian volunteer collar tab "Hunyadi" SOLD

K)SS trade badge for recruitment, procurement and education SOLD

L)SS-Oberschütze sleeve rank insignia $49 *FINAL SALE $35*






58.German WWII Kriegsmarine shoulder board sets for the fieldgray uniform, as worn by coastal artillery, etc.

A)M44 style enlisted set, perfect, mintSOLD

B)mint/unissued enlisted set with embroidered coastal artillery flying shell, SOLD

C)near mint/unissued set for the NCO rank of Maat. Embroidered with crossed anchors and golden tresse for rank, SOLD

D)mint/unissued M44 style set with obermaat rank tresse SOLD



59..German army infantry officer insignia.

A)major of 94th regiment, pair, slip-on, excellent+, price tags still on bottom SOLD

B)infantry officer collar tabs (all ranks leutnant to colonel) mint, unissued, still tied together. SOLD

C)major slip-on shoulder boards, excellent, never issued, some staining from storage SOLD

D)hauptmann rank, slip-on pair, exc/near mint, missing the straps $90 sold

E)Grossdeutschland division oberleutnant, sew-in single, very rare, excellent condition. Original cypher and inserted in the board during construction. Neat that it is a used board. SOLD


60.German ww2 army official "Probe" example armband for "front collection point" personnel. Armband is light blue with "Front-Sammelstelle" machine embroidered on it in golden yellow. These were collection points for soldiers coming from the front. Official tag has the large wax seal of the OKH (Oberkommando des Heeres) and the Heeresbekleidungsabteiling (army clothing office). Armband and tag are near mint, beautiful. I don't think I have seen the armband itself, let alone the official sample of it. RARE. $950 SALE $550 !! SOLD




61.German WW2 scarce armbands, not the ones you see every day.

a)Nibelungenhalle Verwaltung -very rare, used at the Nibelungenhalle, which was a monument to the composer Richard Wagner, this one is for administration and has snaps at the back. Excellent, light age soiling. Printed with machine sewn red bands. SOLD

b)Nibelungenhalle Lautsprecherdienst- same type as above, but this is for Loud Speaker service. Snaps at the back, light age soiling. Very rare. Printed with machine sewn red bands. SOLD

c)Reichsautobahnen- used by Autobahn police , this is only the second example I have ever seen. It is machine exbroidered and has machine applied edging. Very rare. SOLD




62.German army infantry enlisted/ nco shoulder board sets.

a)enlisted rank unissued "M45", late war type set. Feldgrau 44 cloth color. Cloth tape bottom straps. Scarce, mint condition. SOLD

b)enlisted rank, unissued M40/M43 type. Near mint, very, very light soiling on piping, but superb boards overall. Perfect for any infantry tunic 1940-1945. SOLD

c)unteroffizier rank, M36 style shoulder boards, excellent condition. (note: M36 boards were produced and worn by some soldiers to the end of the war in 1945.) Even though the German wehrmacht ordered simplifications, many soldiers desired the look of the earlier, original uniform with the dark green badgecloth. $250 SALE $175 SOLD

d)unteroffizier rank, M40/M43 style shoulder boards, excellent condition. These are slightly different and may have been used together, as many wartime board sets were not a 100% match. Nice fieldgray set. $250 SALE $175

e)offizier candidate, unteroffizier rank, M40/M43 style. Used condition, but matching, one has more nap wear than the other, overall near excellent. $265 SALE $175

f)unteroffizier rank, but with a pip, "22"s on each board for infantry regiment 22. M36 style private purchase. Near mint condition. $245 SALE $155


63.Luftwaffe field division and Hermann Goering division collar tabs. Rifle green with branch piping. I have 2 single pioneer piped in black and one Hermann Goering division artillery/flak/anti tank piped in red. Mint/unissued. (2 pioneer sold, artillery available) Each is $100 *SALE $60*




 64.German ww2 Luftwafe ground division and Hermann Goering division insignia.


a. Luftwaffe ground forces division insignia set for an enlisted man in a Luftwaffe rifle regiment. Great set is mint condition. Boards have rayon piping and are in mint condition, feldgrau 44 wool on the underside. These are with a mint set of green collar tabs with single gulls. Gulls are slightly different, but tabs are a perfect match. Very scarce set. SOLD

b. Luftwaffe ground forces rifle regiment enlisted airman. These are mint, unissued and piped in rayon. Beautiful, matching pair. $250 SALE $199

c. Luftwaffe Hermann Goering division panzer collar tabs. These are in late war fieldgray and piped in rayon. They are believed to be for the HG division fieldgray M43 tunics or the actual HG fieldgray panzer wrappers. Very rare. SOLD






65.German ww2 Yacht Club Deutschland visor cap badge. I have had the Imperial one before, but this is the only version of the WW2 era cap badge I have ever seen. I have kept it in my collection for about 10 years and have decided to sell it, along with some other rare insignia pieces on this page. It is the standard style for aviation and naval club badges and is gold bullion hand-embroidered on black. Reverse backing paper is worn, but still intact. Pin is sewn to reverse for mounting to the cap. Overall Exc+ condition and very rare. SOLD