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1. German army officer's M43 field cap in officer's gaberdine cloth. Really nice untouched example in officer's cloth to match the material of the officer's tunic. First example of this type I have had in years. Machine sewn trapazoid is silver wire bevo embroidered. Cap has silve buttons and silver cord piping around the top denoting officer rank. Interior is rayon lined and marked "56" for size. It has a partial leather sweatband. There are some little pinholes here and there, but not real noticable. Overal the cap is solid excellent and really a beautiful example. Hard to find like this. $1199 NEW




2. Organization Todt officer's M43 field cap. This organization worked very closely with the Wehrmacht in occupied countries and was headed by Doctor Fritz Todt. This cap is a textbook example of an issue officer's M43 style field cap. Insignia is factory sewn to it. Piping around the top is later war celleon. Interior is maker marked to Carl Halfar and also property stamped to Org. Todt, based in Wiesbaden. Size is marked "59", so it's nice and large. Overall near mint example at a great price! $599 NEW







3. Luftwaffe enlisted man's overseas cap. Great example, looks nearly unissued. Wool has full nap, eagle and cockade look original to it. Interior rayon lining is "56" marked for size. Super example! $299 NEW




4. German army (Heer) M35 single decal. I obtained this helmet a few years ago directly from the daughter-in-law of the vet who brought it back, along with many badges and pins and an SA General's Kepi. The vet was in one of the combat infantry teams that was in Munich and the Eagle's Nest. The helmet is basically like it was in a time capsule. Never in a collection other than mine, excellent to near mint condition, 96%+ decal, mint RBN chinstrap. Never monkeyed with in any way. Size of shell is 60, lner is "53" marked. Helmet paint is about 96%. Really nice helmet for display, just looks beautiful. Maker is marked "E.T.". Just a gorgeous example from my collection you will never have to worry about! Choice veteran bringback helmet. $1299






5. Kriegsmarine (German Navy) enlisted sailor's overseas cap. Really nice example with original factory hand sewn insignia. The wool is a ribber "serge" type that is fairly typical of quality KM caps. Lining is a black polished cotton. The only marking is the size, which is"54", again, fairly typical of a KM enlisted overseas cap. This is a great example if you are looking for one! Very nice. $400





6.German army (Heer) enlisted/nco M43 field cap. This was the final style field cap developed by the German Wehrmacht. This one is made from recycled wool that is kind of a grayish green. Trapazoid insignia is factory machine sewn. Interior is rayon lined and well marked with RB number of the manufacturer, the year 1943 and size "56". Cap has the slighest wear from use. The buttons have paint wear and there are a couple light discoloration marks on the visor wool, maybe just because of the late war wool. Overall really a nice untouched example and very desirable and hard to find. Choice! $1399







7. Army M41 enlisted tropical cap. Truely a "stunner" of a cap. Eagle is all factory sewn, as is cockade. Cap is a very nice green type olive color. Interior is textbook for a second model and is RB numbered and depot marked/dated "F 43" for Frankfurt depot, 1943. Size marked is "55". One of the nicest I have had and in about mint condition. If you want just one example, this is it! Choice. $2300






Fantastic Luftwaffe M38 single decal Paratrooper helmet in unissued condition! Later example with spanner type bolts. Field gray paint is 98%, eagle is 99.5%. Interior liner is maker marked to Karl Heisler. Helmet shell size is 66, head size 54. Straps have 1 repair and some wear, but are overall very nice. Overall an extremely clean example in great condition! Choice. $8995







 9.Army enlisted M43 field cap. This is the early style, started in 1942, where the factory took unused stocks of M42 caps and converted them to model 1943 field caps. Actually a very sought after variant. This is a really great example with factory hand sewn "T" style insignia. Buttons still retain a bit of their feldgrau (field gray) paint. Cap has been worn in the field, but is still very nice, overall excellent condition with much of the orignal knap on the wool exterior. Inside rayon lining is maker marked to Alfred Valet, dated 1942 and size marked "56". Interior has light wear from use. The front by the visor has some extra stitching to re-inforce the sewing, not sure if factory done or later repaired, but not detractive. Actually a really nice, clean looking combat field cap, great for an infantry display! Superb example. $1250



10. Kriegsmarine (German navy) officers' "fore and aft" dress cap. Scarce cap that was worn for full dress functions for all officers from Leutnant zur See, up to Kapitan zur See. This example is near mint to mint and probably the best example I have ever seen. Has a ribbon of the German national colors at the top of the bullion wire. Also has bullion wire at the front and rear. Wire has beautifully age patinaed, as it is real gold bullion with sterling content. Has large gold Naval armed forces eagle button on side, in the gold wire. Silk lined interior and high quality leather sweatband. Appears to be a size 56. Stunning! $2200








11.German army (Heer) tropical enlisted overseas cap with Transportaion/supply branch soutache. Beautiful unissued cap with factory applied (unlike many re-soutached caps out there) soutache in light blue for transport/drivers and supply branch. Maker is Clemens Wagner, marked inside for the size 56 and dated March of 1942. Material is olive green with tropical insignia and red cotton lining. Perfect enamel on grommets. Beautiful near mint/unissued cap directly from a depot bundle, never issued. $899





12. Wehrmacht M42 helmet in nearly unissued condition. "ckl 62" shell, 55 or 56 liner. You canstill see the dome stamp inside the top. :iner is dated 1944 on the aluminum band. Color appears to be a really nice late war blue/gray ordnance feldgrau paint color. Helmet has some scuffs on the top, but is overall excellent+/near mint. Very hard to find in this condition. I have added a nice late war "ftb44" chinstrap to complete, as it came with one. Great example for a late-war display! Choice! $850









 13.Luftwaffe enlisted M43 (einheitsfeldmütze) field cap. Really nice example that I recently got out of a 50+ year collection. Cap has only light use and is excellent/near mint. Wool nap is nearly 100%. Insignia is hand applied and is factory original to the cap. Buttons has slight wear to paint. Interior is rayon lined and is dated 1944, RB numbered and size marked "58" (larger size). Just some light wear on the inside from wearing. Great example. SOLD




14. NSDAP (Nazi Party) political leader's summer or training overseas cap. EXTREMELY rare example that turned up this summer at an estate auction in which there were 3 or 4 found. This cap is flat new and is made with red piping for Gau level political leaders. These were either garrison caps or field caps. The material is the same material with standard brown shirt is made from. Piping is basketweave style and is perfect with the exception of one snap near the front on the left side. Early political emachine embroidered eagle on brown backing is sewn to the front. Political leader cockade is below. Interior has an orange ersatz style lining common to political caps. Partial sweatband to front area, underneath it is the RZM tag, calling this a "Sommer-Mütze" or Summer cap. The RZM tag is for the HJ summer cap, which I think the company making these used. My guess is that political leaders could wear this cap in the summer with the brown-shirt uniform and at training camps and events, also for everyday indoor use. Interior lining is stamped size "57". Only one I have ever seen outside a book. There is one very similar to it on page 110 of "Headgear of Hitler's Germany" Volume 3. Superb cap in mint condition. $699













 15.Rare early SA (Sturmabteilung or "brown shirts") kepi worn by a member of group Berlin-Brandenburg. Cap is a pre-RZM type probably dating it to approx. 1929/30, the early street fighting years of the SA, against the communists. Cap itself is a velvet type material and has had the black top added after manufacture and hand sewn to it. The eagle is the early style, authorized in 1931 by Hitler. The siver pebbled button is probably a later addition, when regulations added it. The leather chinstrap is the standard style an the side buttons are unique early brown buttons embossed with the swastica. Interior is in nice conditon. Cotton lining and a worn oilcloth sweatband. Cap is a fairly soft form an someone has sewn springs in the front to keep the top up. The cap is in nice condition with the exception of some damage under the front of the visor and on the right side of the cap, which has a small piece of flap nicked. The black added material covering the top also has some damage on the right side, where a piece has been added to cover a hole. Overall I would grade the cap Very Good, used. It's been there, but is still a very decent example and a rare variation, especially if you are a political collector. $950


 16. German army (Heer) tropical enlisted overseas cap with Panzer Grenadier branch soutache. Beautiful unissued cap with factory applied (unlike many re-soutached caps out there) soutache in light green for Panzer Grenadier (armored infantry) branch. Maker is Hans Brandt, marked inside for the size 56 and dated August of 1942 (1142). Material is olive green with tropical insignia and red cotton lining. Perfect enamel on grommets. Beautiful near mint/unissued ap directly from a depot bundle, never issued. $1299






17.German army (Heer) tropical enlisted overseas cap with Panzer branch soutache. Beautiful unissued cap with factory applied (unlike many re-soutached caps out there) soutache in pink (rosa) for tanks/ armored vehicles branch. Maker is F. Weissbach, marked inside for the size 57 and dated 1941. Material is olive green with tropical insignia and red cotton lining. Perfect enamel on grommets. Beautiful near mint/unissued cap directly from a depot bundle, never issued. $1299






Hitler Youth late war child's winter uniform cap, M43 style, unissued conditon. Very rare, late war cap that was a new style worn in the final months of the war. Exterior is black trikot style wool. The HJ diamond is factory machine sewn. The small silver pebbled button closing the flaps on the front is "RZM" marked. The interior is gray rayon/satin and has a quilted pattern of sewing to it. The manufacturer's RZM tag is machine sewn in the lining. Cap is a child's size, about a 53. Outstanding and rare Hitler Youth item.I have included an original photo of this style in wear and also, a link below to Hitler's final appearance, where he is awarding the EKII to HJ members wearing this style cap, in 1945. Very rare. $950 Hold

link to video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFrqu3RjHqc




19.Heer 2nd model 1941 dated tropical pith helmet, near mint condition. Great example dated 1941! Helmet is an olive brown color with both the army and the national shields intact. Green leather chinstrap is present. Maker marked "JHS" on sweatband and size "59" and "1941" dated under the sweatband. Only detraction is some slight scuffing to the green leather edging, otherwise mint condition, most likely unissued. Near perfect example in a large size. $475


20. Luftwaffe M35 DD helmet. Really nice combat used example with 90+% eagle and 95+% national colors. Helmet appears to have had a light coating of possibly green or a darker paint at on time. I think it was factory refurbished, as the liner is dated 1943, but appears to have been there forever. Shell is an SE64, so it's for a size 57 head. A great helmet with an incredible look. $995






21.German army tropical M41 cap for enlisted personnel, with edelweiss for Mountain troops branch. Wow, early second model tropical cap in outstanding condition.Both eagle and cockade appear originally factory hand sewn to the cap. Edelweiss looks to have been there a long time. Interior is maker marked and dated 1942. Also, size maked "55". Really a stunning example of a cap that is tough to find anymore. Condition is overall excellent to near mint with really only storage wear. $2400



22.Kriegsmarine (German Navy) officer M41 tropical cap. Nice example, looks unissued. Bevo insignia is hand applied, appears original to it, but hard to tell 100%. Interior is 1943 dated, RB numbered and size 58 marked. Great tropical cap in a really good size, impossible to upgrade. Perfect to complete a uniform or to go with the KM officer tropical uniform I have listed. (KM tropical trousers also available). $1000






23.Heer enlisted M34 cap made from captured Dutch army cap. This is an unissued example of a factory converted Dutch army cap to German army. Main cap is Dutch wool, while flap around cap is German wool. German insignia is correctly factory hand applied to front in the same thread the cap modifications are done in. Cap lining may be Dutch material and is German size stamped"54". Other than some minor moth tracking on the right side, cap is mint. Great untouched variant example in hard to find condition! $399





Army M42 enlisted field cap. Really nice example by Peter Küpper of Wu.-Ronsdorf. Cap is untouched and dated 1942. Insignia is in the "T" form and is factory machine sewn. Cap looks nearly unissued. Size is a "57" and lining is rayon material. One of the nicest ones I've seen. Only some paint missing on buttons, otherwise gorgeous. SOLD





25.German WW2 M38 Luftschutz 3 piece helmet. Great example of the gladiator style air-raid helmet, barely used. Has about 95% paint with some blemishes, but overall very nice. Luftschutz decal in front is about 100%. Inside liner is marked size 55 and is barely used. Pigskin chinstrap is near mint. Inside decal with price, etc, is perfect. Great example. $399





26. German army (Heer) tropical enlisted overseas cap with Mountain Troops branch soutache. Beautiful unissued cap with factory applied (unlike many re-soutached caps out there) soutache in bright green for gebirgsjäger and jäger regiments. Maker is Clemens Wagner, marked inside for the size 57 and dated March of 1942. Material is olive green with tropical insignia and red cotton lining. Perfect enamel on grommets. Beautiful near mint/unissued directly from a depot bundle, never issued. $1299





27.Luftwaffe enlisted M43 (einheitsfeldmütze) field cap. Nice untouched example with all factory applied insignia. Wool is near mint overall with nearly 100% of the nap. Buttons have almost 100% of their blue-gray paint. Cockade has a little damage to it, but nothing bad. Almost looks like it was an insignia factory error. Interior is correctly RB numbered, dated 1944 and size marked "57". There is a small tear in the lining near the visor, but otherwise the cap is near mint. Very nice example. $650 SALE $600 FINAL SALE $550




 28. Army officers M43 (einheitsfeldmütze) field cap, from my collection. OUTSTANDING example of a near mint, untouched officer's later war field cap. The cap is a nice feldgrau wool and has factory applied silver pebbled buttons and a late war style machine embroidered trapazoid, also factory machine sewn. Siver piping at crown, denoting officer rank.Interior lining is silver/gray rayon with a size stamp of "57", I think. Partial sweatband at the forehead area. I see very slight signs of storage wear, otherwise mint condition. One of the best I have ever seen! $2100






 29. German army (Heer) tropical enlisted overseas later cap without soutache. Really nice late 1942 cap, after which the branch soutaches were done away with. Maker is Hans Brandt, marked inside for the size 55 and dated November 1942. Material is olive green with tropical insignia and red cotton lining. Perfect enamel on grommets. Beautiful near mint/unissued cap directly from a depot bundle, never issued. $499





30.German WWII helmet chinstraps. I have 2 different that are pretty much unissued except for some light surface oxidation on some of the metal parts. These are perfect for replacement straps for any WW2 period helmet, but were probably issue on any helmet from 1943-45. One is RB numbered, the other on is marked "ftb 44". Either one is $229. (RBN strap sold, ftb44 strap available.







31.German pith helmet with Navy (Kriegsmarine) shields. Tan French made pith helmet, originally looks to have been luftwaffe, by the holes for the eagle. Condition is very nice and it's well marked, about a size 57 or 58. Has light wear from use, but excelent overall. Tough pith helmet to find. $900 SALE $699





32.Kriegsmarine (German navy) NCO's white top summer visor cap. Beautiful example of a very tough to find cap. Text book type in every way with oilcloth edged visor, correct NCO KM buttons (not officer buttons), mohair band with attached celleon hand embroidered wreath over top navy blue cap body. Interior is unmarked dark blue satin or silk. Inner band is celluloid, as on most originals. Removable top is the kind usually used for everyday duty, as it is moleskin, which is easily washed and durable. Kriegsmarine gold metal eagle stickpin is in great condition. Under the removable top the cap lining is covered with cheesecloth. Cap was probably never worn and really only has storage wear from age, here and there. Size is approx. a 56. Overall near mint condition. Very scarce original. SOLD





 33. Waffen-SS panzer troops enlisted M43 field cap in used condition! Superb example of the textbook type cap that US G.I.'s found when they liberated the complex at Dachau. Usually these are unissued, as they were made in the last year of the war, but this one came from a gun shop in PA years ago and had actually seen use! Machine woven trapazoid insignia is factory machine applied. Size stamp on lining is very light from cap being worn, but I can make out a faint "56". Underside of correct, raw cardboard visor shows wear from use, as does front of brim. Overall an outstanding example of an actual used Waffen-SS combat field cap! SOLD








Luftwaffe enlisted/NCO visor cap for a member of the General Goering division! Great nearly mint condition example of a named cap and it's the exact cap shown on page 261 & 262 of Uniforms and Traditions of the Luftwaffe, volume 2! Name tag is also unit marked to the 15th company, Regiment "General Georing". Underneath sweatband is also marked "L.B.A.B. 39". Cap is made by Robert Lubstein (eReL) and is a typical standard issue cap. Size is "54" and the date of manufacture is marked "1939". The only real wear on the cap is on the edge of the sweatband around the bottom of the cap, as it's a very light calfskin type, but otherwise cap is mint condition. Beautiful and very hard to find anymore. SOLD





35.Kriegsmarine Helferin (female volunteer) M43 style field cap, veteran bringback, unissued! First time I have ever seen this variation with buttons! Cap is constructed from standard gray wool that was used for KM Helferin uniforms. The wool is very late war and has spots of light nap wear, possibley made that way. Kriegsmarine eagle is 100% original factory applied to the cap. No cockade was ever applied, as is correct for Helferin caps. Interior is rayon lined, RB numbered, size marked 56 and dated (can't read it). Also has the partial sweatband in the front, as is also typical of some helferin caps. Has a photocopy of the original GI bringback paper listing this cap as a "German Navy Field Cap". Size is about a "55". Very scarce. $1200 SOLD



 36.German army enlisted M43 (einheitsfeldmütze) with insignia factory applied to it! This has to be the most interesting example I have ever encountered. This cap is factory assembled from scraps of cloth or caps/uniforms. It has extra seems all over the place to unite the smaller pieces of cloth. Also, the wool is different types of feldgrau, from 1936 wool to 1942/43 wool. The buttons are the late war army blue/gray type. Interior is made from 2 types ofcotton lining cloth. It has a "1" prefix RB number, along with the date of 1944 and the size "56". Interesting to note that you can see where they took other garments apart to use, as there are still impressions of the original seems in a couple areas. The flaps themselves are made from 6 pieces of cloth! There are a couple small moth nips and some light wear, nothing bad, overall excellent. Unique cap and great example of a wartime economic measure. UPDATE: this cap has been featured in the September/October edition of Militaria Magazine. $1550 FINAL SALE $900 SOLD






37.Heer (army) M35 DD helmet with camo overspray. Great helmet that has been there and is 1939 dated on the dome stamp. 1938 liner and the original 30s dated chinstrap with aluminum buckles. Had the later factory repaint, but you can see plenty of the original pea green smooth paint poking through. I think someone tried to uncover the decals, as these should also be covered, but it looks very good and displays well, especially on a combat mannequin. Has a name written in the rear of the skirt, shell is a "Q64" (Quist manufacture) and the liner is stamped size "57". Great example, from my collection. SOLD



38. German Army General visor cap in unissued condition by Erel. Outstanding untouched original example with gold bullion piping and chin cord. What's is neat is that the chincord is factory sewn to the body of the cap at the adjustment barrels, which I have seen on other caps. Gold metal eagle and wreath are beautiful as well. Fieldgray wool body is made of a high quality fabric. Interior is near mint, with the Erel "Privat" grade logo under the sweatshield. The size "55" tag is still in the name tag slot. Erel embossing on the sweatband. Cap exhibits a perfect saddle shape and still retains the original crown metal wire stiffener. The cap is a later model and does not have the air grommet. The nap of the wool is perfect, without any moth tracking. Probably the nicest Erel Heer General's cap I have had. Choice! SOLD









 39.Waffen-SS enlisted panzer M-43 einheitsfeldmütze. Absolutely perfect, mint example of the type brought back by US GIs from the warehouses at the Dachau compound. Nap is perfect, late war machine embridered insignia is perfect and is machine factory sewn to the cap. Black plastic buttons are perfectly factory sewn to it. Cardboard underside of cap is mint condition, as is the size "56" marked lining. If you are looking for a mint, perfect cap that you will never have to upgrade, this is the one. Best one I have ever seen- choice, outstanding. SOLD



 40.Army officers visor cap for a Mountain Troops officer. Great example of a cap that has never had the insignia moved on it. It's as it left the factory. Bright green piping on light field gray "boiled wool" top. Beautiful embroidered wreath. Edelweiss mountain badge is correctly placed and has always been there. Interior is dark blue satin and marked "Luxus" for the manufacturer's mark. Sweatband is an ersatz type, but also has an extra padding system like some of the larger makers. Bottom edge of cap has some moth nips, but they really don't detract. Sweatband itself has wear to it. The cap overall actually shows very little wear from use. Exterior of cap has a great saddle shape and is very impressive. Long time since I have seen a nice mountain troops cap. Size is approx. a 56 or 57. Choice! $1699 SALE $1500 SOLD








41.Fantastic unissued Waffen-SS enlisted M43 cap in Italian gaberdine. This cap is for enlisted to nco ranks. Untouched example, as it came from the factory with factory machine applied bevo trapezoid insignia with the SS eagle and totenkopf. Cap has the late war general issue dark blue buttons that were also institued by the army in late 43/early 1944. Cap is marked inside "R43", denoting 1943 date of manufacture an size "56". Interior lining is rayon with an herring bone twill pattern to it. Cap is overall mint, stunning example if you want a perfect original example in a good size. Choice! SOLD




42.German army officer late war medical branch visor cap. Neat, unissued really late visor cap by August Schellenberg. The fieldgray wool top is wartime quality, but is very nice. The piping is medical blue and the chincord is an age toned celleon, late war style. The metal insignia is late also, it is the type with the tab prongs built into the edges. The wreath was glued on the cap and can probably be removed pretty easy. Both pieces of insignia match well. Interior is mint condition, the sweatband is an ersatz type. The cap is light and looks best on a head, which gives it a really good form. No mothing that I can see, the cap is near mint to mint. SOLD








43.Waffen-SS enlisted M43 cap (einheitsfledmütze) in unissued condition. Absolutely oustanding, untouched cap that originally came out of a vet's estate in PA. Interesting, except for the material, it is exactly the same as the vet bringback Italian gaberdine examples that I have seen. This one is perfect, it is constructed of a very soft light gray/field gray wool that is typical of some late war recycled wool uniform items. The buttons have 100% of their later war dark blue-gray paint. The eagle/skull bevo trapezoid is factory applied in a straight machine sewn fashion. Interior is lined with a late war brown/gray cotton/rayon blend. "R43" (depot and 1943) and the size (56) are the only markings, typical for WSS M43 caps. If you want one perfect WSS M43 cap, this is it. Beautiful and scarce. SOLD





44. Heer (German army) enlisted tropical M41 cap in unissued condition. Great RB numbered example in a large size. Gorgeous 1943 dated example in a size 58! Perfect match to put with a later war M43 style tropical tunic. Material is very similar to the tunics. Insignia is factory applied and untouched. One of the 4 grommets has some minor oxidation. Even the oilcloth and cotton sweatband is about mint condition. Cap is depot stamped and dated "M/43", RB numbered to the maker and size marked "58". Outstanding example in unupgradable condition. Choice! SOLD





45.German WWII NSKK (National Socialistische Kraftkorps, Nazi driving korps) officers kepi. Outstanding example in officer trikot olivebrown material. Factory applied silver piping around the top and the flap. Silver bevo NSKK eagle to black top. NSKK correct button on front. Correct style black leather chinstrap in very nice condition. Interior is in really nice condition with the exception of the pressed paper sweatband that has some tears, chips and is missing a 1" section. RZM tag is under the sweatband. Cap size is marked "54". Cap is in near mint condition other than the sweatband. Very nice example of a scarce cap.SOLD



46.Luftwaffe M38 camouflage paratrooper (fallschirmjäger) helmet. Camo is a tropical or mediterranean in yellow and green. Camo is incredible, one of the best I have ever seen. Paint is thick and has heavybrush strokes. In areas of wear, you can see the applied layers. Helmet shell size is 68. Liner has been oiled in the past and has wear and some tears, but chinstrap is in great condition and only one small partial tear from use. Bolts were never touched, liner original to the helmet. Perfect helmet if you are after only one, or if you are completing a tropical or Italian theater paratrooper mannequin. Incredible example. Choice! SOLD






47.Kriegsmarine officer (leutnant zur see to kapitänleutnant ranks) white top visor cap. First one I have had in a long time and an absolute textbook example. Brim has the leutnant level gold bullion rank scallop on it, oilcloth edge and navy blue wool covered visor. Chinstrap is the standard Kriegsmarine officer stye and the buttons are the correct officer type. Band is mohair and has the highly padded bullion wreath attatched. The removable white top is the cotton style, thought to be used for everyday duty, as opposed to the waffle pattern material, which is thought to be more for dress. The cover has some stains, which, to me, look like rust. Metal eagle has some nice age tone to it. Interior is standard textbook for a KM officer white-top cap. It's a light colored silk with an unmarked celluloid sweat diamond. The leather sweatband is very soft, like calfskin and has a ribbon running through it. Though the cap looks nearly unissued, the sweatband has some wear/tear at the very front, probably from storage. The cap is unmarked, except for a "55" size stamp on the inside of the removable top. Extremely scarce visor cap to find, CHOICE! SOLD


48.Kriegsmarine (German Navy) enlisted/nco overseas cap in field gray for land based units (coastal artillery, Marine bases, transportation and supply units, etc. Cap is a veteran bringback and came back as you see it. It's a French made example from Paris, under occupation. Insignia is factory original to the cap. The cap has had the 2 top lips sewn shut so that to give it a more stiff and streamlined look by the wearer. The exterior has a KM eagle pin from the donald duck style cap, pinned to it's left side. There is one small moth nip on the right side in the middle. The interior satin lining is maker marked and size 62! marked, making this a pretty large cap! Overall excellent to near mint. SOLD







49.Luftwaffe officer's "crusher style" visor cap. Beautiful tailor made cap with a thin vulcanfiber type visor that is fairly flexible. Material for the top seems to be similar to what a custom made officer's tunic would be made from. Has a first model droop tail bullion eagle originally sewn to the top and a standard officer's bullion wreath. Interior is grayish-white silk lined and has an unmarked celluloid sweat diamond. Sweatband has the former owner's initials "H.M.". Cap size is fairly large, about a 58 or 59 if I had to guess. The cap overall has very little damage. The only slight detraction is the sweatband is has a couple areas of looer stiching near the rear and 2 tears, but is otherwise solid and sturdy. Cap interior is excellent, exterior is about near mint. Really a very attractive and interesting private purchase officer's cap example. Choice! SOLD



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 50.Luftschutz (air raid) M38 3 piece helmet in unissued condition. Probably the best example I have ever seen. Paint is gorgeous and you can see red rings near the top where the primer is showing through, pointing to the fact that these helmets were stacked together in piles originally. Decal is neatly 100%. Leather chinstrap is nearly perfect. Interior lining is perfect, mint condition. The price, size and information are on the rear of the inside skirt. Size is marked "54". Only flaw I see is a thin crack where the top of the left skirt was never welded all the way together.SOLD





51.German ww2 Hitler Youth "fliegermütze", as worn by Flieger-HJ units. Great wartime example in unissued condition. This style was also have been used by the HJ flak helpers, but it's the earlier flieger-hj, mountain style cap, which is different from the later style. Inside is RB numbered, size 56 stamped (but seems more like a 57) and has it's RZM tag factory sewn in. The manufacturer wrote "S-G" on the hersteller line. The only down side is I think the diamond was resewn, because I can see evidence an earlier one was machine sewn on. Still, a beautiful near mint cap and much harder to find than the regular flak helper m43. SOLD







52.Luftwaffe tropical enlisted overseas cap by "G.A. Hoffmann". Really nice used cap that shows just very light normal wear. Beautiful tan color, it's 1941 dated and size "56" marked. Insignia appears original to the cap, though the cockade may have been resewn, as it's dark thread. Hard to tell, but it is an original tropical luft cockade. One interesting thing is that the original soldier sewed the side flaps down, probably for a cleaner, sharper look when wearing it. Superb and classic example of Luftwaffe tropical head gear! Choice! SOLD




 53.Kriegsmarine (German navy) sailors enlisted cap with removable top. Beautiful doe-skin top in perfect condition. Has an early one-piece enlisted eagle/cockade insignia pin. Very nice cap tally, which reads "KRIEGSMARINE" and appears to be full length. There are a couple nips near the end of it, but hardly noticable. Cap is size marked "57 cap stiffener. Removable top is size marked "58" and fits perfectly. Great example of a harder to get piece of German navy headgear. Condition is overall Excellent+, shows age, but not a lot of real wear. SOLD








54.German WWII Luftwaffe enlisted bergmütze (mountain cap). These were actually worn by all branches of the Luftwaffe before the advent of the M43. They can be seen in period photos being worn by flight crews, ground forces, paratroops, etc. This is a nice, well used example. It exhibits the higher front, vent grommets and shorter bill that differentiate this cap from the M43. Outside shows normal wear from field use, no mothing. Visor is floppy and broken in. One grommet has been moved forward for some reason. Insignia looks aged, but is possibley replaced. Button on the front flap is bakelite. Overall great looking exterior. Inside lining is blue-gray rayon and has lost it's markings. Standard partial sweatband to front. Cap is overall excellent inside and out. Size is about a 55. Very nice example of a scarce and desirable cap.SOLD




55.German WWII SA (Sturm-abteilung or "Brownshirts") "lagermütze" overseas field cap. Early version, pre-RZM in very high quality SA brown soft wool, similar to doe-skin. Has the front button in pebbled silver. The triangular area patch has been removed, but you can see where it and the pronged first style eagle were. Grommets have all their enamel. Interior is an orange cottona and is marked to the SA man who owned it "Meyer". Size is about a 55 or 56. Other than the missing insignia, excellent to near mint. $399 FINAL SALE $225 SOLD








56.German WWII army staff or veterinary officer visor cap. Wartime visor cap made by Erel, recently from an estate. Nice trikot fieldgray officer material with carmine piping for General staff officers or the veterinary branch. Band is darker than you normally see, but I have seen this before. Has correct later war metal insignia. Visor has some scuffing/ melt marks. Chincord and buttons appear to have been moved forward. Interior is excellent, but you can barely make out the Erel logo under the diamond. Piping has about 6 small moth nips, nothing bad or too distracting. Overall excellent condition. Size is about a 60 (large). Decent example of a scarce branch piping. SOLD



57.Luftwaffe enlisted M43 fieldcap. Nice 1944 dated RB numbered example. This one is in the darker blue you sometimes see late war (also have seen pants in this material. The insignia is resewn, but is done very nicely and looks good. Cap is very clean and in great condition. Interior rayon lining is RB numbered, 1944 dated and size "55" marked. Really decent example of this type of cap, great for a Luftwaffe mannequin or field division display. SOLD








58.German WWII (Sturm-abteilung or brownshirts) kepi for group Kurpfalz. It is made in the heavier, wool material for the lesser service dress. Exterior is very clean with one or two tiny nips and maybe the same amount of tracking. Interior is size marked "57" and alkor sweatband has the RZM tag behind it. Overall excellent+ condition. One chinstrap button appears to be replaced, however, it's hard to notice. Very clean example of the wool kepi, not often seen. SOLD