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(bayonets are all matching and unsharpened, unless otherwise noted)


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1. K98 rifle bayonet "ab 42" marked for the manufaturer Mundlos and 1942 in tropical frog. Earlier polished blade is beautiful, wooden grips are very nice. Scabbard has a small light dent in the front, but hard to notice. Some minor surface oxidation in spots. Overall excellent bayonet and very good scabbard. Frog is the tropical web type and is marked on the back, though it's hard to read, but my guess is "LLG Hessen 1942". A nice tropical 1942 rig that would work well with an Afrikakorps equipment set. Choice! $475 NEW



2. K98 rifle bayonet "44 cvl" marked for the manufaturer "WKC" and 1944. Really nice example with just some light wear to scabbard. Finish overall is the milled type and is a very light late war type of finish, almost appears phosphated on the blade. Overall a very nice, uncleaned example in excellent condition. Harder to find code. $285 NEW










3. K98 rifle bayonet "43 asw" marked for the manufaturer Hoerster and 1943. Super example, nice and clean. Just shows very light wear overall, condition is Excellent+. Later war red bakelite grips are really nice. $279 NEW



4. K98 rifle bayonet "43 asw" marked for the manufaturer Hoerster and 1943. Great example with original RB numbered leather frog. Blade is nice, as is overall finish. Wooden grips well matched. Scabbard is outstanding and shows little wear. Frog is missing 2 rivets at the top, otherwise excellent. Great complete rig overall, ready to put on a combat belt. $289 NEW







5.K98 bayonet frogs, out of my collection- NEW

A) nice early green web tropical frog, light use, $250 HOLD

B)RB numbered M42 "skeleton" frog, light use, almost near mint $250 HOLD

C)RB numbered undyed late war frog with mounted strap, near mint $225

D)RB numbered late war undyed frog, non-mounted type $165




6. K98 bayonet marked "Eickhorn 1939". One of the best early bayonets I've owned, has a majority of the polished deep blue. Blade is almost 100%. Early dark brown bakelite grips. Scabbard has some finish loss, but still excellent. Overall Exc+ and beautiful for an early, high quality combat bayonet. $350 NEW











K98 bayonet frogs, out of my collection- NEW

E)1940 dated and maker marked, very good+ $95

F)mounted type frog, extra length in button hole added, very good $95

G)very good example, mounted strap removed. $69




 8.K98 bayonet marked "crs 44". Decent matching combat example that has seen use. Has light surface oxidation overall. Could be cleaned up a bit. Comes with it's original frog, which has a torn button hole. Frog is RB numbered. Good example overall. $249 NEW







9.K98 rifle bayonet marked "44 asw" on scabbard and "43 asw" on blade. A well known variation by Hörster, who had left over 1943 marked blades in 1944, which they used up. The serial numbers match, as they should. The bayonet appears unissued with just light wear from storage. Some runner marks on end of blade. Late war orange-red bakelite grips with lots of flecks in them, are superb. 2 small areas of surface oxidation on the scabbard, which is otherwise beautiful. A great late war example of a k98 bayonet. $325 SOLD




K98 bayonet with very rare "skeleton" frog (m42 frog) in web and leather! Very tough to find German bayonet frog variation. The bayonet is an "43asw" marked version, which dates it at 1943. The bayonet is overall excellent and very clean. Most of the military blue finish is present. The scabbard is nice, just has age toning and light wear. The frog is in brown leather with gray/green webbing. The only drawback is that a piece of the leather at the buttonhole is broken off. Overall a very nice K98 bayonet and a very scarce frog. Set has always been together. $475








11. K98 bayonet marked "42 asw" for the maker Hörster, 1942. Beautiful example in what appears to be unissued condition. Stunning raw wood grips with just age toning to them. The blade bluing is gorgeous with only some light runner marks. Pommel and scabbard bluing is very nice, but does have some surface oxidation mostly to the scabbard. Very rare to find a 1942 bayonet in pretty much unissued condition. Great example. $325 HOLD



12. K98 bayonet marked "cof 44". Nice later war example with original leather frog. Has some runner marks on blade. Finish is a even overall, near excellent. Nice red bakelite late war grips. Frog is rough-out leather and is RB number marked. Nice example. $275 HOLD




13.RARE k98 "bym 4" marked late war bayonet! A tough code to get, stands for the maker Ferlach in Austria. Great bakelit grips with super color. Bluing is about 94% overall. Ferlach had a more polished looking blue than German makers. Scabbard has some dings, but very good overall, about 75% finish. Blad is nice, but it looks like someone started to polish it or sharpen it. Fortunately, they only scratched the finish a bit. Back edge of blade is dated "44". Overal condition is near excellent on this scarce maker. $450




14.German wehrmacht fighting knife. Really nice, clean example with just some dark areas on blade from age. Does not appear to be sharpened. Handle is very nice. Scabbard has most of it's paint and is one of the best ones I've seen. Blade is maker marked "W". Really nice example! $365







15.RARE k98 "44agv" marked late war bayonet! This is the short lived code used the first half of the year by Berg & Co., before changing the code to "pyy". Nice example, shows wear to finish, as many of these do. This one is high in the "c' block, right before the change to "pyy". Overall excellent condition. Hard to find code/maker for a 1944 bayonet. SOLD



 16. K98 rifle bayonet with scarce M42 type frog- Great example and a veteran bringback. Matching bayonet and scabbard. "43 cvl" coded, which is 1943 manufacture, made by WKC. Bayonet is nice overall, but blade has been lightly sharpened at end. The nice thing about it is the worn "skeleton" leather frog, named for it's skinny profile, which came with it from the relative of the vet. He brought it back with an "ar 43" k98 rifle. Bayonet is a nice example with a scarce frog. $275 SALE $200 FINAL MARKDOWN $175






17.RARE k98 "44agv" marked late war bayonet! Short lived code used the first half of the year by Berg & Co., before changing the code to "pyy". Nicer example, with most the blue finish. Has only some light rust surface marks, but nothing bad, very light. Only some pitting on bottom of scabbard. This one is high in the no letter block. Overall excellent+ condition. Best example of this make code bayonet I have seen so far. Hard to find code/maker for a 1944 bayonet. SOLD












18. K98 bayonet scarce "breadbag" frog, so named because the material it is made out of, which is the same material the standard wehrmacht breadbag is made out of. This one is unissued, but there is a cut out of the material in the back. Otherwise the bast one I have ever seen. Leather is soft and pliable. Scarce $225 HOLD








19.K98 bayonet manufactured by Brunn II (dou) in 1941. This is one of the first types of German occupation made bayonets and precedes the "dot 42" or "dot 43" marked bayonets. This one is unmarked except for a "z" surrounded by 2 circles, which I have read represents Brunn II. The other side of the blade is marked with a waffenamt "A80". It is made the same as the later "dot" marked bayonets and even has the same high quality blue finish that the Brunn produced k98s and bayonets are known for. Overall length, as with the "dot" marked examples, is 45cm (17 3/4"), which is longer than the standard k98 bayonet. This is probably a 1941 manufactured bayonet. Overall excellent condition with light wear to blue and normal handling marks from use. Scarce example missing from most collections. (I didn't even know it existed until recently) $325 SALE $275 HOLD